Fantasy Magic Experience

Open March through November. 

194 3/4 Essex Street, Salem, MA 01970 

Open 10am to 5pm.

Explore  the magical world of Professor Spindlewink!

 Journey to magic realms and discover an enchanted forest, a crystal cave, a room of fantastic beasts and even an Ice dragon.

This amazing new  attraction brings a fantastic fantasy world to life by allowing visitors to explore magical realms.

 Set up like an interactive museum, visitors can engage and interact with each realm.

Highlights include:

Entering The Wizards chamber and meeting Professor Spindlewink.

 Discovering secret places in the Enchanted Forest where visitors can find  fairy homes and hidden grottos.

 Seeing a Unicorn, a Phoenix, a Griffin and more in the Room of Fantastic Beasts. 

 Viewing the  quirky characters  in The Hallway of Magical Portraits.

Exploring the Aquatic Realm and catching a glimpse of a real mermaid. 

Venturing into the fantastical Ice Realm where you can  take photos with an Ice Dragon.

There is even a Dark Magic realm for those brave enough to seek the darker powers. 

World of Wizardry is a fantastic place for families, Harry Potter fans, Cosplay visitors and lovers of fantasy magic.